Bovone Mirror Line for Back Painting Glass

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This plant is able to produce 8 million sq/m per year.

Can produce Mirrors (Cooper Free), Back Painted glass, Tempered Back painted glass (only few companies have this technology).

We offer a complete installation launching of the line also our team including engineers, technician and chemists will work for 6 months until the perfect quality is reached (same as AGC) and stay there until 60000 sq/m produced also we provide a complete training for the personnel. We arrange the supply of all necessary raw materials including float glass, paint and solutions and technical support for one year. So basically, we do everything to launch mirror and back painted glass production.

All potential customers can visit our plants in Ukraine to see how things work.

Here is the video of our production line in Ukraine producing 6 million sq/m per year.

The line that we offer

Technical specifications:

  • Max glass size: 3660 x 2440;
  • Thickness of glass: 3~10mm.

Measurement of mirror line

  • Length +/- 200 meters;
  • Width +/- 3.50 meters.


  • Loading table;
  • Pre-wash section;
  • Brushing section;
  • Washing section;
  • Sensitization section;
  • Silvering section;
  • Coppering section (for copper mirrors);
  • Passivation section;
  • Rinse and drying section;
  • Curtain coating & conveyor table 1;
  • Drying stage1;
  • Curtain coating & conveyor table 2;
  • Baking oven;
  • Cooling section;
  • Final rinse section;
  • Code printer;
  • Unloading table.

Very good working condition!

For further details please contact us.