Glass Coating Machine

Manufacturer: Sorbini
Year: 2007
Location: Europe
Manufacturer: Avin
Year: 2012
Location: Europe
Glass Coating Machines The technology lies in spraying a liquid coating in computer-controlled machines with an integrated polymerization system. The versatile and high performance installations from our catalogue demonstrated the efficiency of the new technological process. The machines are capable to coat various glass and specular products and materials, such as ceramic tiles, mirrors, kitchen cutting boards, protective covers, decorative panels etc. The coating plants usually apply one or two-layer polymer coating based on metallic or pearlescent paints and a sublimation layer, when the first and a second layer are applied one after another. The old technologies like manual spraying provided separate polymerization, which increased costs and energy consumption. Glass coating machinery in our catalogue is presented by Cefla-Sorbini and Avin plants.