Uniglass UGC Glass Tempreing Furnace 2100 x 3600 Double Chamber

Uniglass UGC 2100 x 3600 DOUBLE CHAMBER LOW E

  • Manufacturer: Uniglass
  • Year: 2010
  • Location: Europe
  • Category: Tempering Furnaces
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Uniglass UGC 2100 x 3600 DOUBLE CHAMBER LOW E

Running direction:Left to Right

Maximum Bed Loading Size: 2100 x 3600mm

Quality Standards:

To toughen / temper from 3 – 19mm thick glass inclusive.

To meet EN 12150, ANSI Z97.1, CNS R3046, GB9963-88 and JIS R 3206 tempered glass for architectural and flat automotive glass.

Min. glass size: 100 x 250mm

Max. glass size: 2100 x 3600mm

Thickness range: 3 – 19mm
Production area: 15.12 M² maximum (both chambers)

Overall Dimension:
23.79 M Long

5.5 M Wide (11.5m including Fan Room)
3.5 M High

Unloading table: Drive rollers NBR Rubber with Kevlar end roller

Drive system: Both tables have a separate drive motor for loading / unloading

Loading system: Both tables are fitted with an independent ball table operated by pneumatic pistons and side loading rollers for loading and unloading large heavy glasses.

Drive rollers: Precision fused silica rollers throughout both oven areas
Supplied with a backup emergency power system.

UGC full convection fans, with external motors mounted on the furnace top and side.

Furnace is equipped with turbos for air recirculation

Quenching / Cooling blower: 250KW (x2) controlled by inverter drive system to adjusting the running speed of the fan and save energy costs (2 sets installed).

Fitted with a quench area digital setting system, this automatically adjusts the distance of the nozzle air delivery pipes from the glass surface for each program selected.

With percentage ratio setting to auto adjust the air pressure.

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