Uniglass UGC Glass Tempering Furnace

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Uniglass UGC 2100 x 3600 DOUBLE CHAMBER LOW E

Running direction: Left to Right

Maximum Bed Loading Size: 2100 x 3600mm

Quality Standards:

  • To toughen / temper from 3 – 19mm thick glass inclusive.
  • To meet EN 12150, ANSI Z97.1, CNS R3046, GB9963-88 and JIS R 3206 tempered glass for architectural and flat automotive glass.
  • Min. glass size: 100 x 250mm
  • Max. glass size: 2100 x 3600mm
  • Thickness range: 3 – 19mm
    Production area: 15.12 M² maximum (both chambers)
  • Overall Dimension:
    23.79 M Long
  • 5.5 M Wide (11.5m including Fan Room)
  • 3.5 M High
  • Unloading table: Drive rollers NBR Rubber with Kevlar end roller
  • Drive system: Both tables have a separate drive motor for loading / unloading
  • Loading system: Both tables are fitted with an independent ball table operated by pneumatic pistons and side loading rollers for loading and unloading large heavy glasses
  • Drive rollers: Precision fused silica rollers throughout both oven areas
    Supplied with a backup emergency power system
  • UGC full convection fans, with external motors mounted on the furnace top and side
  • Furnace is equipped with turbos for air recirculation
  • Quenching / Cooling blower: 250KW (x2) controlled by inverter drive system to adjusting the running speed of the fan and save energy costs (2 sets installed)
  • Fitted with a quench area digital setting system, this automatically adjusts the distance of the nozzle air delivery pipes from the glass surface for each program selected
  • With percentage ratio setting to auto adjust the air pressure