Lisec Insulating Glass Production Plant

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Complete Lisec Insulating Glass Production Plant


  • Lisec Cutting Line
  • Cutting Table with GPS Module CUT-37/26-BELT
  • Breaking Table TABLE BREAK-37/26
  • Lisec Insulating Line
  • Inlet Conveyor WEL-25/20
  • Washing Machine with Additional 3 Brushes and Water Tank for 1000 Liters with Filters WTL-20
  • Frame Setting Station RTVB-11/20ST
  • Gas Press (including rectangular forms filling) LPL-25/20G
  • Tilting Station RKT-25/23VM
  • Storage Conveyor KFL-55/22
  • Butyl Extruder
  • Rotation Table
  • Desiccant Filler
  • Saw

Also includes:

Lisec Cutting Line:

  • Cutting Table with GPS Module
  • Breaking Table

Brand New Condition!

For the full list of machinery included please contact us.