Elumatec SBZ 140 Aluminum Machining Center - Excellent Condition!

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  • 700 working hours;
  • 9.4 meters length;
  • 4-axis profile machining centre;
  • Designed for economical and efficient machining of aluminum and thin-walled steel profiles;
  • Standard version with air-cooled router spindle (version with water-cooled router spindle available optionally);
  • All operations, such as routing, drilling and tapping, are performed while the profile bar is stationary to protect the profile surfaces;
  • Machining with all tools at angles continuously adjustable from -90° to +90°;
  • Automatic clamp positioning with absolute measurement system;
  • The on-board tool magazine ensures that tool changing times are kept short, thereby optimizing machining cycles;
  • The magazine can be equipped with eight tools;
  • Up to two rotating angle heads with two different tools are optionally available for double-bar and end machining (0° – 90° – 180° – 270°) (optional);
  • Two separate working zones enable machining in shuttle operation (optional);
  • 4-axis controller;
  • 18.5″ color display;
  • USB ports and network connection.