Emmegi Quadra L1 12 Axis

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The 12-axis CNC machining center with numerical control (CNC) is designed for milling, drilling, and cutting profiles from aluminum and lightweight alloys. It consists of an automatic magazine and a push-feed system for profiles up to 7500 mm, equipped with a gripping device for profile locking. The movement of the gripping device allows the feeding mechanism to return to the original position, enabling the loading device to prepare the next profile simultaneously. In the central part, there are milling and cutting modules. The 4-axis CNC milling module is equipped with 4 to 6 spindles, allowing processing of the workpiece along the entire contour, regardless of its position. The cutting module features a lowering 3-axis cutting disc Ø 600 mm with CNC. It also includes an automatic ejector from the cutting unit to the unloading magazine. The unit comprises a magazine with cross belts for unloading processed workpieces up to 4000 mm (optionally 7500 mm). The processing unit can be equipped with a soundproof cabin (optional), located in the central working area, providing operator protection and reducing noise levels.