Triulzi Horizontal Glass Washing Machine (New!)

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2007 Triulzi Horizontal Washing Machine (Never Used)


  • Pre-Wash Section: Rinse Top Air Knife with low pressure fan
  • Washing Section With Flat/Disc Brushes: Top scrubber section with (2) oscillating rows of disc brushes; section complete with (1) mixer
  • Rinse Section: (1) Top and (1) bottom sprayer tubes; (1) top and (1) bottom air knife with low pressure fan; section is complete with cold water tank and pump / filter
  • Wash Section: (3) Pairs of cylindrical brushes and (3) tanks (all tanks with hot water)
  • Rinse Section: (1) Top and (1) bottom sprayer tubes with water
  • Drying Section: With (3) pairs of air knives and (2) high pressure Fans

Excellent Condition!