Forvet Francesca FC 1600 Numerically Controlled Working Centre

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2012 Forvet FRANCESCA FC 1600 is a glass working Numerically Controlled (NC) working centre, capable of performing drilling, countersinking and milling operations on flat glass sheets, ranging in thickness from 3 to 25 mm. including “out of square” pieces. The useful working field for width is 1600 mm. and without limits for length. Additionally, there is no inter-axis restriction between holes locations.

The drilling operation is capable of drilling a maximum diameter of 70 mm with larger dia meters achieved by the milling feature. The working cycle is completely automatic, without any manual intervention. The NC optimises the approaching speed of the heads, controls the glass transport feed, drilling speed and water quantity and adjusts the drill height to compensate for its wear. The operator is required only to provide the hole diameter and its coordinates.

Excellent Condition!