2013 Complete Architectural Glass Production: Lisec, Glaston, Bystronic, Hegla

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2013 Insulating Glass Line Lisec 2700 x 5000

The line is able to assemble structural and stepped units.


  • Transport station
  • Transport station
  • Washing Machine
  • Frame Setting Station
  • Gas Press (for double,triple,stepped units)
  • Аutomatic installation of sealing the edges of rectangular and figured double-glazed windows incl. segmented transport system, sealing up to 5000 mm, corner correction, ed. grease, ed. chain cleaning, heating of the base material pipeline, step products on 4 sides, 2-chamber products in 2 passes, molds
  • Optional Silicon Sealer
  • Flushing piston hydraulic pump
  • Butyl Extruder
  • Frame Conveyor
  • Installation of long-term storage of sealant
  • Glass suction device with vacuum suction cups
  • Station for manual sealing with 1- or 2-component sealant
  • Automatic machine for the manufacture of distance frames, incl. bending of straight shapes, bending of radius shapes
  • single head automatic absorbent filling system

2013 Glass Coating Line Rollmac


  • Single-shaft machine for applying paint f
  • Rolling machine for applying ornaments, enamel and satin coatings on flat glass
  • Tunnel furnace for drying infrared radiation applied enamel coatings on glass

2013 GLASTON/Tamglass Tempering Furnace FC-500 (most advanced tempering furnace)

  • Size: 2700 x 5000 mm

2013 Hegla Glass Cutting Line (Jumbo)


  • Automatic Glass Loader (8 position)
  • Cutting Table with LOW-E deletion
  • Breaking Table

2013 Glass Processing Complete Production


  • Vertical machining center CMS
  • Vertical washer Triulzi
  • Vertical Edging Machine Bystronic
  • Machining center Intermac
  • EMAR horizontal washer
  • Machine for processing edges on straight glass
  • Automatic horizontal installation of washing and drying glass (inoperative, recovery required)
  • Autoclave YF06
  • Laminated glass assembly room
  • Laminating Furnance Pujol
  • Rotating table for sealing No. 1
  • Rotating sealing table No. 2
  • Rotating sealing table ER-140

Excellent Condition!