Federhenn Complete PVC Machining Centre

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2010 Complete Federhenn PVC Machining Centre.

Automated- and sawing machine BSA 240.

The newly developed Processing center with a VI sawing station. This high-speed saw has a cycle time of approximately 7 seconds for the tailored cutting of the leaf- and frame profiles at angles of 45°/135°.

In combination with the CNC-Bearbetiungsmodul, a capacity of approximately 240 units/ hour is achieved.

To complete the system the following add-ons are available:

  • Cross conveyer depot for the linking of machinery sections and for the steel plug-in;
  • Reinforcement- and screwing station;
  • Drilling module for the processing of steel reinforcement;
  • Profile-sorting system for the automatic placing of finished bars into several compartments.

CNC-profile processing unit

The amount and alignment of the PVC-profile processing unit follows the assigned tasks is arranged individually. To live up to increased demand for capacity, a second, simultaneously working module can be adapted. The flexible concept of the CNC-profile processing unit makes possible the application of 2 to 6 processing axes.

VI-sawing station

Designed for the following tasks:

  • Tailored cutting of the main profiles to 45°/135° in one operation
  • Tailored cutting of the transom profiles to 90° for the mechanical transom link with a pivoted sawing unit.
  • Long-point cut for weldable transoms; two-sided in one operation
  • V-cut in frame-, transom- and sashes profiles for weldable transoms

Profile sorting system.

Finished bars will be placed in several compartments automatically.