PVC Urban Rapid

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Complete 2008 PVC Windows Production Plant produces 200-240 frames per shift.


  • Two horizontal 4 head welders Urban with double head cleaning machine;
  • Rapid cutting and processing line able to process up to 240 frames per shift;
  • In feed magazine for 10 profiles with length up to 6500 mm;
  • 6 axis M-Module for PVC processing;
  • Sawing module, with two units: 90° saw blade Ø 450 mm; two saw blades Ø 500 mm at 45° in one unit for simultaneous cutting off the end of one and the beginning of the next workpiece. With separate hood;
  • Optimization program with a length measurement of 10 points for a length of 6500 mm, including residue management;
  • Cutter for end processing of the impost with the height of the spindle for the complete mill 210 mm. With a separate hood;
  • Common cab for saw center and face cutter;
    Horizontal conveyor scrap length of 5200 mm;
  • The transverse conveyor for the accumulation of 10 blanks with a maximum length of 3500 mm, is extended in the direction of the reinforcement work station as compared to the standard for 2000 mm;
  • Label printer for manual labeling;
  • A reinforcing workbench with a width of 1000 mm between the cross conveyor of the saw and the supply magazine;
  • Supplying store of the center of fastening and processing in PVC and steel for 5 workpieces, dynamic feed;
  • A monitor showing the type and length of the reinforcement elements;
  • Separate axis for feeding and screwing reinforcements with two screwdrivers located on it. Two screws are screwed simultaneously, at a fixed distance from each other;
  • 9 drilling units: 4 horizontally, 4 vertically, 1 three-spindle unit for drilling under the handle;
  • Protective fencing, including doors with electric locks;
  • Remote access system via the Internet for prompt service;
  • Two furniture tables under the sash;
  • Automatic fitting table;
  • Band saw;
  • Stands;
  • Trolleys.

All Machinery Comes with all necessary software

Perfect Working Condition!