BDM Cutting and Machining Centre with Two KMW Welding Lines

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2014 German BDM cutting and machining centre and two KMW welding lines.

Fully automatic cutting and machining of PVC profiles for Windows and Doors.

  • Maximum profile size: width 130 x height 130 x length 6.500 mm;
  • Saw blade-Ø: 550 mm; 600 mm;
  • Min. cutting length: 250 mm at a profile height of 60 mm;
  • Positioning speed: up to 300 m/min;
  • Free cutting angles of 30° to 90° up to 150°;
  • Individual adaption and configuration of individual modules provide the perfect machine constellation which is adapted to the performance requirements of the customer;
  • Highly efficient production by giving special requests extra special consideration;
  • Cutting of PVC profiles and reinforcement steel;
  • Milling and drilling as well as punching machining of the PVC profiles;
  • Automatic reinforcement (steel) insertion and screwing, positioning and screwing in of strike plates, stacking and sorting;
  • Easy changing between different profile systems and/or frame protection by automatically adjustable profile carriers in the machine modules;
  • A simple handling and rugged design of the machine guarantee high operational reliability and availability;
  • This Plant able to produce 240 windows per shift.

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