Elumatec SBZ 150 for Aluminum Profile Processing

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Aluminum Profile Processing Elumatec SBZ150. 12.7 Meter long very rare.

  • 5-axis profile machining centre;
  • Designed for economical and efficient machining of aluminium and thin-walled steel profiles;
  • All operations, such as routing, drilling, tapping, thread milling, notching and sawing, are performed while the profile bar is stationary to protect the profile surfaces;
  • 6-sided machining. From below with an angle head (option);
  • Operator software with graphic 3D display of workpieces;
  • The magazine can be equipped with nine standard tools, five special tools (angle routing head and and special cutters) and one saw blade;
  • Robust, low-wear direct drives on all axes allow rapid home positioning of the machining assembly;
  • Automatic clamp recognition and clamp positioning;
  • Two separate working zones enable machining in shuttle operation;
  • 5-axis controller for 3D machining, 15″ colour display, USB ports, and network connection;
  • Windows operating system;
  • EluCam.

Excellent Working Condition.